Hi. This is my website.

I enjoy things like Python, Linux, Rust (sometimes), computers (not really lol), tomatos, tomato sauce, and sourdough.

You can contact me by sending an email addressed to nearly anything at the domain of this website.

This website is free.

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  1. 2022
  2. Nov 30
    CEO Robrick-Patbert Froghat’s email to employees

    Layoffs at

  3. Jul 27
    Funny leetcode prank for software job interviews #haha🤣🤣🤣💩

    #unexpected #TryNotToLaugh

  4. Feb 24

    I rewrote my static site generator again. But only a little bit.

  5. Jan 7

    Elm is a fun programming language that I really liked a lot and that I gave up on last year.

  6. 2021
  7. Sep 22
    Using nginx to reverse proxy the internet

    Using nginx as a reverse reverse proxy to de-terminate TLS for connections from our internal network to the internet.

  8. Feb 27
    2020 Review

    Disclaimer: I received this product for free for the purpose of this review.

  9. 2020
  10. Dec 8
    Pizza: Part ii

    Condensed follow-up on my pizza incinerating regimen.

  11. Nov 20
    Untitled Guest Post

    A guest post by John Field about a video he produced.

  12. Oct 10
    Markup Rant

    Complaining about Markdown & reStructuredText mostly I guess.

  13. Sep 26
    Phone Rant

    Complaining about phones I guess.

  14. Jun 6

    How I burn my pizza.

  15. May 25
    Don’t Woof

    Shilling for Datomic; aimless conjecture on linguistics & pattern matching; and a report on my poor use of SQLite.

  16. Mar 12

    Reflection on rewriting my old time tracking software in Rust.

  17. Jan 21
    Some things I did in 2019

    Pizza & Rust.

  18. 2019
  19. Dec 30
    How to not update dependencies in Rust

    An instructional on how to not update the dependencies for your program or library written in Rust.

  20. Nov 22

    Querying web APIs is an awful experience.

  21. Jul 27
    Tooting in a portable service

    Running Mastodon services inside of a systemd portable service.

  22. Jul 7
    Tooting in a container

    Running Mastodon services inside of an Alpine Linux systemd-nspawn container.

  23. Jun 22

    A fun way to serve files with nginx under vaguely mnemonic URLs.

  24. May 21

    Duplicating file descriptors between processes across a UNIX socket.

  25. May 11

    Broadcasting or recording audio from only select applications in a Linux desktop.

  26. May 6

    Nice style sheets & fonts.