2020 Review

Sat Feb 27 '21

Twenty-twenty was an average year.

Here’s a chart comparing it to other years.

A bar graph of years 2017 through 2023 on both x-axis and y-axis.

You can see it’s right in the middle.

Video Game

The only notable thing was the release of an anticipated video game named Cyberpunk 2077 which received much praise for being the most linear open world game ever produced.

This Website

I rewrote my website generator. Still Python, but I no longer use Pelican, so it’s not available as a theme. But the source, released under public domain, is at git.sr.ht/~sqwishy/froghat.ca. You can copy it and make something cooler if you want. (Like a Pelican theme.)


There’s a new website out there on the internet called Twitter. Here’s a picture of the front page; maybe you’ve seen it?

A heading reads "Happening now", "Join Twitter today." Sign up and Log in buttons follow. Further down is a silouette of the Twitter logo bird against a grungy, distorted illustration of claustrophobic repeating text, in all caps, "what's happening".

Wow, it sure looks important.

I looked inside to find a happening and saw this banner at the bottom of a page.

Log in and sign up buttons adjacent to "Don't miss what's happening" "People on twitter are the first to know."

I couldn’t figure out what was happening, so I didn’t stay long. But it didn’t seem like this Twitter thing was encouraging people to have a healthy relationship with social media, so I don’t expect it to catch on.